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Drive more listeners to your station 

31-07-2023 13:06

Drive more listeners to your station

Reach new and old audiences. Your station is now easily accessible on the go for listeners everywhere!

The Community Radio Plus app is the new one-stop shop to listen to community radio. Download the kit attached to this post and share it with your staff, volunteers and presenters, and schedule our new audio ads into your programming! 

What's included in the kit? 

  • a series of professionally produced radio spots, created by Eardrum — the most awarded audio agency globally
  • announcer liners
  • customisable posters
  • customisable social templates

Download the promo kit now!

Why is this campaign important?

We all know that the way our audiences listen to audio content is changing – and fast. To maintain and grow audiences, community broadcasters need to tell audiences how to find them on all platforms and devices.

The Community Radio Plus app lets your listeners:

  • hear your station wherever they are
  • share your station with their friends and family
  • listen to your station on smart speakers and connected home devices
  • see a program schedule of what's coming up

Download the promo kit now!

Download the kit attached to this post. The file will commence downloading once you click on the attachment. Check your download folder on your computer or the download icon in your browser to check the progress of your file. Alternatively, right click on the file and choose where you would like to download it to. 

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